Aptos and Santa Cruz - 1982 - 1983

Here you'll find pictures from where a I spent a lot of time growing up: Santa Cruz and Aptos. I am always looking for more pictures, so if you can help, use the 'Contact' link at the left. Of couse, you're always welcome to drop me a line if you knew me back then.

A fun game, part 2:

See if you can spot these early 80s items: Orange Crush - Police Tour Shirt - Duran Duran Album - Vuarnet Sunglasses - Felt Hat

4H Summer Camp

Camp Loma, Santa Cruz Mountains - Summer 1982

Some of the Hi-4Hers at Camp Loma. Some of the counselors dressed up 1950s style for the evening. Mike Manning with a sexy hat, Camp Loma 1982 Patti at the flagpole booth, Camp Loma 1982 Eileen Manning doing some face painting, Camp Loma 1982 Despite the bland expression, she's actually having alot of fun. Mike Manning gets to be the target of the sponge toss. Table tennis was always something fun to do. Still more event fun. Ryan Manning describing what he wants painted on his face. Me and Robert Wittenberg, hamming it up for the camera at Camp Loma.
Hi-4H Beach Party

Manresa Beach - Late Summer 1982

Jen and Stacey show off their shapely legs, Manresa Beach 1982 Shyness translated into wearing a beach ball as an outfit. Robert Wittenberg getting some rays at Manresa Beach, Santa Cruz 1982 Mike Manning in the middle of some sort of performance, Manresa Beach 1982 I liked this guy because he wore jeans to the beach! Showing off some of the latest bikini fashions, Manresa Beach 1982 Stacey Hedgepeth and Jen Proudfoot, contemplating raiding the cooler, Manresa Beach, Santa Cruz 1982 Robert Wittenberg, showing off his oh-so-cool Vuarnet sunglasses, Manresa Beach 1982 Stacey Hedgepeth gets buried in the sand, Manresa Beach 1982 The cake that was presented to all of us Hi-4H camp counselors, even me. Sunset at Manresa Beach, Santa Cruz California 1982 My all-time favorite picture of Jen. She later she was pissed that the party was over, but to me it captured her beauty.  She'll always have a place in my heart.
Christmas Party - December 1982

I believe this was at Robert's House.

Gathering 'round the tree!  Patty, Eileen, and ? The party has officially started, Robert is here! Catching Patty and Jen in the bedroom. More people arrive to Robert's Party. Nikki and David, with stuck-on word balloon. Eileen Manning, reclined, 1982 Stacey and Jen obviously discussing something important.
My 16th Birthday - October 1983

My eternal thanks, Jen...

Mike Manning w/Police tour shirt. Is that a sword in your pocket, or...Aptos 1983 Dave, Nikki, Patti...all watching the television. Most likely it was MTV! Aptos 1983 Jen Proudfoot, Eileen and Mike Manning, Aptos 1983 Jen Proudfoot, Eileen Manning. I love Jen's outfit, especially the hat. Eileen & Jen, making the food for the party, 1983 Eileen Manning, actually smiling at the camera. It's about time!
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