Los Gatos High - 1982 - 1984

Here you'll find pictures from Los Gatos High School, from 1982 through 1984. I am always looking for more pictures, so if you can help, use the 'Contact' link at the left. Of couse, you're always welcome to drop me a line if you knew me back then. (If there's a picture of you here, and would like it removed, contact me.)

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A fun game, part 2:

See if you can spot these early 80s items: Triangle Earrings - Calculator Watch - Berlin Album - Stubbies Shirt - Stockless Guitar - Wearable Keyboard - Izod Lacoste Shirt

Los Gatos High School Front Lawn - circa 1982 A water balloon fight - pictures courtesy Thleen Blood
The front lawn of Los Gatos High School in 1982 Amanda Wallters, obviously caught by surprise. Check out the cars in the lot! Another shot of the front lawn Traci, Thleen Blood, and some cool threads, Los Gatos High 1982 The lovely and talented Lori Rogers, making an appearance
"The Man Who Came to Dinner" - December 1983

(Scans & pics courtesy Thleen)

A newspaper clipping of the stageplay Another news clipping about the play A ticket from The Man Who Came to Dinner, at Los Gatos High School A newspaper review of the Man Who Came to Dinner, 1983 Thleen Blood, acting her heart out in a great wig Another shot of Thleen Blood the Thespian
Band Meeting - Circa 1984

Steve, Jan, Robert, Myself, and someone I can't remember!

Discussing programming the keyboard. Is that a rude gesture, Steve? Hmm? More discussion with our keyboardist. Somehow I don't think we're getting much accomplished tonight... Jan, the singer. Notice the Duran Duran LP on the wall!
Doing Guitar Work w/Steve Crain - 1984

Modifying a Fender Jaguar to accept a humbucker pickup...rather stupid of us, actually! (hair dye by me!)

Steve Crain at my house, talking to his mom, with the new humbucker I installed. Steve again, restringing his guitar. Another boring night in Los Gatos. All done. One mid-1960s Fender Jaguar has been permanently altered.
Los Gatos High School Talent Show - 1984

Steve Crain, Robert Binetti, Shawn Coullahan, Corin Stigall, James Marbury, David Van Loucks and others.

The band warming up outside the show, w/Steve Crain and Robert Binetti. Steve's playing my Arbor stockless guitar! We needed two keyboardists for the song. Steve has my guitar for the show. Shawn with only half of his eye makeup on, but you gotta love the sleeveless camo top! Waiting for our turn for rehearsal. Steve's using my Arbor guitar. Steve Crain outside the show. His haircolor is my doing. Dave Van Loucks doing the stagehand stuff. He was blinded from the flash, heh... Some friends of ours who also played, Corin Stigall is on bass guitar. After the show at the local coffee shop. Coffee shops were still a rare thing in 1984, even in Los Gatos.
"Made In Italy" w/Steve Crain & Shaun Coullahan

A short-lived band, indeed. I believe the guitarist went on to play in Specimen.

Made In Italy, 1984 Made In Italy, 1984
Various Pictures circa 1982 - 1985

Pictures from Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, Aptos, etc.

In the back of David Young's car, Los Gatos 1983 Me looking into David Young's car, Los Gatos 1983 Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, Aptos, 1982 to 1984 Michelle Young, early morning, Los Gatos High School 1983 The deli menu at the now-closed Los Gatos Market. Mike Stewart, deciding on a menu item in Santa Cruz. Thompson Twins jacket artwork, Santa Cruz 1984 Robert Wittenberg, playing my Arbor stockless guitar, Aptos 1983 Mike Stewart and Ken Proudfoot, with my Arbor stockless guitar, Aptos 1983 Me and Tina Bold, her Senior Prom, Los Gatos 1984. Playing hooky with Amanda Wallters and Thleen Blood at Manresa Beach, 1984. The house on Polo Drive in Aptos, long may she be damp and cold, 1985 Yahzee the cat.
Halloween Party - October 1984

Again, thanks to Thleen Blood for the pictures!

Most of the gang crammed on the couch. A great time! Amanda Wallters and Thleen Blood, St. Pauli Girls, Halloween 1984. Yowza!!! A rare photo of myself, enjoying a delicious Halloween beverage, 1984
Drawing of me, made by Thleen Blood, circa 1983/4

A Drawing of Me, by Thleen - circa 1983/4 (I'm so flattered!)

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