Renaissance Pleasure Faire North

This faire was held in Vacaville, at the old Nut Tree location. It was quite a change from the old location, in more ways than one. Heat, dust, wind, and insects were just some of the obstacles us dedicated Rennies overcame in presenting Faire. It was also more than twice as far as Black Point was for me, which ended up being a minimum hour drive there. Of course, the drives back are a story in themselves... But despite the difficulties, it actually was a pretty good run. It kind of felt like we were still rehearsing even on the second weekend, but the crowds were nice and friendly, and generally the weather was decent. I personally got the feeling that it was too spread out, which reduced interation with your neighbors, but I suppose that could be debated. Overall, things were pretty good for a new location. I'd personally like to thank all the support staff, the ones you never see, who made Faire work. The maintenance staff does a thankless job, and I'd like to let them know they are appreciated.

Nut Tree - 1999 - Vacaville, Ca.

One crazy summer.

Riding The Maypole The SeaDogs A Blacksmith At Work The Silver Smith Sherrifs Of The Shire Queen's Guard Manly Men! Wandering Minstrel Sara Sells Eggs The Dye Spot Jester's Court The Glorious Seahag Guillian & The Apple Man Naughty, Naughty Men The Two Terrors... My Favorite Booth! Here Comes Trouble... A Proclamation Shire Folk Marionettes & Pumpkins The Broom Girl The Flower Girl Me & Guillian
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