Renaissance Pleasure Faire North

Ah, the Faire...I first visited Chipping Under Oakwood back in 1996, cynical and doubtful. But after a mug of ale (or two) I found myself in love with it all. Returning in 1997, I went almost every weekend. I was determined to become more involved somehow, and with 1998 being the final year at the Black Point location, I decided to participate. Luckily, I met up with someone I had met the previous year, and she was running her own booth for the first time. It seemed like a great combo, with us being both "newbies" of sorts (even though she was a Faire veteran). And, so, I stood in the road in 105 degree heat, speaking 16th century English, selling hand-painted eggs, and having the time of my life. Here are some pictures I took at faire. I don't mind if anyone downloads them if they are for personal, non-commercial use. Just give me credit where it's due!

Black Point - 1998 - Novato, Ca.

The final year it was held at the beautiful Black Point in Novato.

Opening Parade! Singing! Dancing! Deer Dancers Queen's Procession Dunking Booth Brothers Me & A German Lady Green Man & Hair Wreaths Happy Shire Folk A Troupe Of Singers The Cart! The Washing Women More Washing Women Washing Water The Paper Makers Woodcarver Friends Of Faire The Danse Macabre! Center Of The Universe St. Helena's More Germans A Pair Of German Cuties A Living Etching Statue Jenn & Mara Are Having "Fun"... Guillian At Work An Illuminated Egg Me & Rebecca Merchant Row The Devil Visits The Shire Middle Of The Shire Not For Sale! The Queen Yet Another German The Germans Have Overtaken The Booth My German Sweetie The Boys Of Guardino
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Renaissance Faire North - 1999
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