Campbell's Winchester Drive-In Photo Project - Photographs Wanted - I Need Your Pictures!

I am currently looking for photographs of the long-defunct Winchester Drive-In of Campbell, California. If you have any old photographs of the drive-in, the concession area, projector rooms, screens, parking lots, or the sign itself--I'm interested.

Did you work there? Enjoy an evening there? Did you save photos? I am interested in hearing from you. Tell me a good story about the drive-in, and I'll put it up on this website. I am also interested in historical ads, clippings, etc. (I am especially looking for photos from the last year of operation!)

The Winchester Drive-in closed in the Summer of 1984, and I was one of the final staff members that worked there. I do know that at least one person took several photographs of me and the crew, but unfortunately I've long forgotten her name (though I do know she went on to manage the nearby Taco Bell after we got laid off). In any case, I do remember many, many people taking pictures of themselves using the sign as a backdrop, because of the imminent closure. If you have one of these pictures, I'd love to hear from you.

This is for a non-commercial hobby archiving project, so I am limited as to what I can pay for your photos, but I definitely will reimburse you for postage or reprints if needed. Full credit will be given, of course. Scanned pictures are welcome, the higher the resolution the better, of course.

I've had this page up for several years now, and I've had little response. I'm hoping that someone will come through to help, but I don't have much hope.

In 2005, I was contacted by a reporter from Campbell, about my time at the Winchester Drive-In. The article is archived here: Campbell Times - Winchester Drive-In Remembered.


Winchester Drive-In MarqueeWinchester Drive-In MarqueeWinchester Drive-In Marquee