UPDATED: 05/21/09


TRAVELING WILBURYS - Vol. 1 - Warner 25796: Inexplicably out-of-print CD, nice condition. SOLD

BEATLES - Free As A Bird single - Capitol DPRO-11153: Promo CD single from the Anthology 1 set. $8.00

GEORGE HARRISON - All Things Must Pass album sampler - Capitol DPRO 15912: Promo-only sampler from the reissue of All Things Must Pass. 8 songs. $10.00

ELVIS COSTELLO - Overview promo disc - Ryko 20282: Promo-only interview with Mr. Costello in 1995, from the folks at Rykodisc. $8.00

COWBOY JUNKIES - Essential Junk sampler - RCA KCDP 51199: Promo-only best of Cowboy Junkies disc. $6.00

NEW ORDER - In Order promo sampler - Warner PRO-CD-5970: Promo-only best of New Order disc. SOLD

NEW ORDER - Republic Limited Edition - Warner 9453112: Limited edition of the album Republic in a puffy orange plastic package. SOLD

BEACH BOYS - Good Vibrations box set sampler - Capitol DPRO 79728: Uncommon 29 track sampler from the Good Vibrations box set. $12.00

FRANK ZAPPA - 25/You Can't Do That On The Radio Anymore promo - Ryko no #: Uncommon 15 track sampler from the Ryko FZ releases. Digipak is a little worn on the back, disc is fine. $10.00

JANE'S ADDICTION - Been Caught Stealing promo - Warner PRO-CD-4039: Promo-only single with mini-handcuffs, still sealed. Groovy! $12.00

R.E.M - Losing My Religion promo - Warner PRO-CD-4881: Promo-only single, live on Rockline. Still sealed. $8.00

DANZIG - Killer Wolf promo - DefAmerica PRO-CD-4152: Promo-only single, very uncommon. Still sealed. $8.00

DANZIG - Her Black Wings promo - DefAmerica PRO-CD-4121: Promo-only single, very uncommon. Still sealed $8.00

ALICE IN CHAINS - Jar Of Flies - Columbia 57628: First pressing of their album Jar Of Flies, with little plastic flies inside the cd case spine. Still sealed. SOLD

ALICE IN CHAINS - Jar Of Flies CD+ - Columbia 68085: The Jar Of Flies album, but with added video content, lyrics, photos, etc. accessible with a computer. SOLD

SONIC YOUTH - Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love promo sampler - DGC PRO-CD-4577: Promo-only sampler with 17 Sonic Youth songs. Still sealed. $8.00

WHO - Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B promo sampler - MCA 3P-3082: Promo-only sampler from the box set. Neat package. $10.00

WHO - Quadrophenia MFSL CD set - UDCD2-550: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's issue of one of the best rock albums ever. A little box wear, otherwise nice, nice, nice. $80.00

PINK FLOYD - The Wall MFSL CD set - UDCD2-537: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's issue of the classic album. The outer box is a little worn, but the booklet and CDs are nice! SOLD

PINK FLOYD - The Wall MFSL CD set - UDCD2-537: Same as above, but missing the outer box. 2 CDs and booklet. Booklet is a little worn. SOLD

PINK FLOYD - Meddle MFSL CD - UDCD518: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's issue of Meddle. SOLD

PINK FLOYD - Shine On Box Set sampler - Columbia CSK4848: Uncommon 9 track sampler from the Shine On box set. SOLD

ROGER WATERS - The Wall Berlin '90 promo sampler - Columbia CSK2126: Uncommon sampler to commemorate the Berlin Wall show of 1990. Pink Floyd & Roger Waters songs. $10.00

ELVIS PRESLEY - Platinum Is-Store Sampler CD - RCJ-67568-2: Uncommon 12 track sampler from Elvis. $12.00

ENTOMBED - Wolverine Blues CD - Columbia 57742: Full length CD with comic inside. Still sealed. $8.00

TORI AMOS - Tea With The Waitress promo - Atlantic PRCD5498: Promo-only interview CD. Uncommon item. $20.00

MISFITS - Box Set Sampler CD - CARPRCD#17: Uncommon 16 track sampler from the box set. $10.00

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