Santa Cruz - 1985 / 1986

Pictures from the summer following graduation, mostly in the Santa Cruz area.

Amy Rusk and Moose the Dog, Aptos 1985. Me and Mike at a Boardwalk photo booth, 1985. Me and Mike, in his room, Aptos 1985. The Mohawk cut was my doing. Mike in his room, decorated with spraypaint. Me at the beach, Santa Cruz 1985 Me, Thleen and Tenara Blood at the beach! Seriously Problemed Adolescents, by Mike, at the Hi-4Hers cabin, Camp Loma 1985. Seriously Problemed Adolescents, by me, Camp Loma's Hi-4Hers cabin in 1985 Mike with Oscar the Rat, Aptos 1985.
KZSC - Gabe's Stacks-o-Wax show, 1986

From 3am to 6am, fellow co-worker Gabe Lynch had a show on KZSC. It made for an interesting evening.

Me and Gabe, KZSC, at about 4 in the morning. Gabe, manning the controls. Me and Rick. Me, on the air. Rick, rolling a doobie. One of my favorite albums of all time gets played.
> Photo shoot, 1986

A few of the photographs, taken with Missy, back when I was young and pretty.

Lyle & Missy, 1986 Lyle & Missy, 1986 Lyle & Missy, 1986 Lyle & Missy, 1986
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