Rare and Uncommon Videos

Just a small list of videotapes, DVDs, and laserdiscs I've collected over the years.  Some are rare, some are just uncommon.
Some have probably been officially released, or have been replaced with better verisons, but I'm too lazy to check.

All are of varying quality.

** I am looking for ORIGINAL IRON CHEF episodes!  The ones that are SUBTITLED ONLY,
    and NOT DUBBED!  (They appeared on American television, usually on PBS stations, in the late 1990s
    -before- Food Network started showing them.)  If you have any, I AM INTERESTED, so email me! **

**Last updated 3/30/2007**
(still under construction)

Beatles - Get Back & Winter of Discontent - excellent footage from the Get Back recording sessions & more. 2DVDr
Benetar, Pat - Live At The US Festival 1983 - Pat's complete performance vhs & DVDr
Berlin - Live At The US Festival 1983 - Berlin's complete perfomance vhs & DVDr
Clash - France 1980 & Tokyo 1982  dvdr
Collins, Phil - Singles Collection (original laserdisc)
Collins, Phil - Perkins Palace 12/19/82 DVDr
Concrete Blonde - The Academy, New York, NY 9/18/92 vhs & DVDr
Concrete Blonde - German T.V. 1992 dvdr
Cure - Barcelona, Spain 6/20/84 dvdr
Cure - On T.V. 1979-1987 dvdr
Cure - Munich 2000 2dvdr
Danzig - MTV interviews vhs
Danzig - London 1988 vhs
Dead Kennedys - Live On Broadway 6/84 dvd
Decemberists - 5/18/05 dvdr
Decline Of The Western Civilization - Los Angeles' punk scene in the late '70s vhs
Devo - French T.V. 1978 dvdr
Devo - (3-Devo show) Beverly Hills, CA 10/30/82 dvdr
Dolby, Thomas - Live Wireless 1983  DVDr
Gabriel, Peter - Rockpalast 9/15/78 dvdr
Genesis (gmDVD09) - Live Lyceum May 6th, 1980 dvdr
Genesis (gmDVD11) - various clips 1972-75 uncompressed PCM audio 2dvdr
Genesis (gmDVD13) - 5/2-3/80 Live in Liverpool Documentary, 5/6-7/80 - Lyceum, UK, 3/13/80 & 8/27/81 Top of the Pops dvdr
Genesis - Old Grey Whistle Test 5/7/80 dvdr
Guns 'n Roses - 1991 dvdr
GWAR - City Gardens, Trenton, NJ 6/88 vhs
Interpol - Rhode Island 11/8/04 dvdr
Jellyfish - Acoustic in L.A. & Philly 1993 2dvdr
L7 - Riverside, CA vhs
L7 - Sanctuary Theatre Washington, DC 1992 (from Italian tv) vhs
Live Aid - a very complete taping of the show, about 12 hours - 2 tapes vhs
Melvins - Miami, FL vhs
Minor Threat/Dag Nasty/7 Seconds - Philadephia, PA early 80s vhs
Misfits - Indiana - 1984 vhs
Misfits - Pittsburg, PA 1982 vhs
Misfits - Detroit, MI 1982 vhs
Misfits - Santa Barbara, CA 1983 vhs
Misfits - Flipside Cable Show 1983 vhs
Misfits - Boston 1982 vhs
Morrissey - Exit Festival, Serbia 7/7/06 dvdr
Musical Box - (Foxtrot/Nursery Crime show - T.V.) Montreal, Canada 1995 dvdr
Musical Box - (Lamb show) Santiago, Chile 10/15/05 dvdr
Nicks, Stevie - In Concert 1982 (original laserdisc)
Osbourne, Ozzy - The Randy Rhoads Years DVDr
Pink Floyd - KQED Studios 4/29/70  DVDr
Pixies - Greece 5/19/89 dvdr
Pixies - Brixton Academy 6/26/91 dvdr
Pogues - Poguevision (original Japanese laserdisc)
Police - Live Ghost In The Machine Gateshead, UK (original Japanese videotape) 7/31/82
Police - Around The World (original laserdisc)
Police - Rockpalast Hamburg 1980 dvdr
Police - Live in Chile 1982 dvdr
Police - Live Voorburg Den Haag, The Netherlands 1979 vcd
Police - Live The Omni, Georgia 1983 dvdr
Police - Montreal 2/8/83 dvdr
Police - US Festival (timecoded video feed) dvdr
Police - Essen 1981 dvdr
Police - Budokan Hall 2/2/81 dvdr

Samhain - L.A. Access 1984 vhs
Samhain - L.A. Access Interview segment vhs
Samhain - Typographer's Hall Baltimore, MD vhs
Screetching Weasel - Elmhurst, IL  11/1/92 vhs
Sex Pistols - Winterland, San Francisco (final show) 1978 vhs
Sex Pistols - Sweden 1977 vhs
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Warwick, UK 3/19/81 dvdr
Sisters Of Mercy - Live 1985, Wake & Rare Videos, and a documentary vhs
Skinny Puppy - Dallas, TX 6/19/92 vhs
Smiths - Rockpalast, Hamburg, Germany 5/4/84 dvdr
Smiths - Madrid, Spain 5/17/85 dvdr
Sting - Live in Japan 10/31/94 dvdr
Sting - Buenos Aires 1987 dvdr
Thompson Twins - Sidekicks Live - long out of print performance vid.  Neat! vhs & dvdr
Tool - Sacramento 8/25/98 dvdr
Tool - Oklahoma City, OK 11/16/02 dvdr
U2 - Live At The US Festival 1983 - U2's complete performance vhs
U2 - Dortmund, Germany 11/21/84  dvdr
U2 - Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles, CA 11/18/87 dvdr
U2 - The Interview Sessions - a collection of early television interviews, pretty cool if you're a U2 fan vhs
U2 - Albany, NY 1992 - a not-so-great cam shot vhs
Yankovic, Weird Al - Los Angeles, CA 1985 dvdr

URGH!  A Music War - the still-unreleased perfomance movie (original vhs) & dvdr
Various Punk - stuff from MDC, Minor Threat, DOA, Exploited, etc 1984 vhs

Apocalypse Now - Workprint - so long it's on two tapes!
Apt Pupil - Workprint
Beauty & The Beast - Disney's "Work In Progress" version (original laserdisc)
Blade Runner - Workprint - a fairly bad camshot of the movie back when it was shown at select theaters  in 1991 vhs & DVDr
Bruce Campbell - Q & A at the Harwan Theatre 8/20/99
Cocksucker Blues - the infamous Rolling Stones movie
Crow, The - Workprint (FLAiR release)
Halloween H2O - Workprint
Halloween 6 - Producer's Cut (again, I haven't compared it with the original)
Howard Stern Private Parts - Workprint (I haven't compared this to the original yet)
Jacob's Ladder - Workprint
Nightwatch - Workprint
Shame Of The Jungle - bizarre adult cartoon (original Asian laserdisc)
Silence Of The Lambs - Workprint vhs & DVDr
Spalding Gray - Monster in a Box - original vhs & dvdr

Star Wars - Dark Redemption : a fan-made mini movie involving a pre-Episode 4 story.
Star Wars - Split Screen Comparison - great fan-made dvd of side-by-side comparison between original &
 remastered editions  neat!
Star Wars Episode 3 - Workprint
Star Wars - ORIGINAL Trilogy on DVDr, not 'redone' by Lucas, taken from Laserdisc versions.
Star Wars - Phantom Editor's Episode II.I Attack of the Phantom (re-edited version of Episode II--very well done!) DVDr
Star Wars - ADigital Man's Fan Edit of Episode II.V - The Clone Wars (the animated mini-series editied together) DVDr
Star Wars - Episode IV - Darth Editous/ADigital Man Hybrid Edition version DVDr
Star Wars - Episode IV - OCPs Classic Edition DVDr
Star Wars - Episode IV - Grinder's Edition DVDr
Star Wars - Episode VI - OCPs Classic Edition DVDr
Star Wars - Episode VI - DrM Reinventing The Wheel Edition DVDr
Star Wars Holiday Special - made-for-tv movie about Chewabacca's family, interesting but way too long (it's even got a commercial for SW toys!) DVDr

T.V. & MISC:
Alexi Sayle's 'Stuff' - Another great British comedy show, not available in the US.
American Bandstand - 1/22/83
Bad News Tour - British Spinal Tap-like metal parody - original vhs & DVDr
Beavis & Butthead - Banned MTV episodes - some of the episodes that MTV stopped airing for fear of litigation
Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Unaired Pilot
Crispin Glover - Clowny Clown Clown, The Orkley Kid, and Rubin & Ed
The Fast Show - British comedy, not available in the US.  several tapes
Great Satan At Large - bizarre public access show from Tuscon, AZ
Hasbro Toy Commercials - a collection of t.v. commercials from the late 50s.  really cool.
Howard Stern - Unaired Fox Pilots (and once you watch them, you know why it didn't fly...)
MTV's Look At Punk - basically a show at L.A.'s Olympic Auditorium with interviews with punks  1985
MTV's Alternative Nations - circa early 1994 - one w/Tori Amos, one w/Crowded House (including live performance) DVDr
MTV Music Awards - 1991
MTV's The State - pretty much every episode (quality varies, but mostly fair)
MV3 - early 80s video dance show, similar to American Bandstand, but with "New Wave" artists - 3 shows
    (1/10/83 first show - 1/17/83 - 3/4/83...these are currently being put onto DVD)
Not Politically Correct Little Rascals - a compilation of their episodes that are kinda racist
Ren & Stimpy - collection of rare episodes, some are pre-production/works in progress
Sesame Street - my own best-of compilations, taken from 'Sesame Street Unpaved' shows, late 60s to late 70s - 3 dvdrs
Sid Vicious Death On The News
Star Trek Bloopers - infamous blooper reels of the original series.